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Since 1929, Parle has been a name that you can trust.

Discover our story and experience the exciting moments and milestones.

  • 1928-30

    Mr. Mohanlal Dayal founded the House of Parle in 1928

    Our first factory was set up in 1929 with just 12 people making confectionery.

  • First Parle factory in Vile Parle

  • 1931-40

    Parle-G is born!

    We baked our first biscuit in 1938: Parle Gluco

  • 1941-45

    Say hello to salty crackers

    We introduced Monaco, India’s first salted cracker.

  • 1946-50

    Leading the way in Technology

    We created India's longest oven - 250 feet long!

  • Innovative packaging techniques were introduced

  • Celebrating India's Independence in 1947

  • 1951-60

    Say 'Cheese'!

    With the launch of Cheeslings in 1956, the nation found a new way to enjoy cheese snacks.

  • 1961-65

    Parle gets a whole lot sweeter!

    Our confectionery range expanded with Kismi in 1963 and Poppins in 1966.

  • 1966-70

    Jeffs are launched

    For fans of savoury snacks, we created Parle Jeffs

  • 1971-75

    Winning over the world!

    We received our first Monde Selection Award in 1971.

  • 1976-80

    A little sweet, a little salty!

    In 1974, we introduced the original sweet and salty biscuit, Krackjack.

  • 1981-85

    Parle Gluco rechristened to Parle-G

    Parle Gluco became Parle-G, where G stood for Glucose.

  • Our first TV commercial released in 1982.

  • 1986-90

    An expanded range of toffees and candies

    We launched the chocolately Melody in 1983 and India's first mango candy Mango Bite in 1986.

  • 1991-00

    A little indulgence goes a long way

    Hide & Seek, India's most loved moulded chocolate chip biscuits were introduced in 1996.

  • Parle grows beyond national borders.

  • 2000- Present

    Growing with India and on Indians

    We are a symbol of quality, nutrition and trust across generations.

  • Nielsen Survey 2011 declared Parle the world’s largest-selling brand of biscuits.