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About Us

Since 1929, we have grown to
become India's leading
manufacturer of biscuits and

As the makers of the world's largest selling biscuit, Parle-G, and a host of other very popular brands, the Parle name symbolizes
quality, nutrition and superior taste.


Purpose Statement

Committed to build the legacy with passion and Integrity by providing innovative, high-quality, great value products within India and across the globe.


An in-depth understanding of the Indian consumer psyche has helped us develop a marketing philosophy that reflects the needs of the Indian masses. We have made it a tradition to deliver both health and taste, with a value-for-money positioning that allows people from all classes and age groups to enjoy Parle products to the fullest.

With a reach spanning the remotest villages of India and major cities across the world, the House of Parle has become synonymous with trust, globally.

Parle's Legacy

Since 1929, Parle has been a name that you can trust.

Discover our story and experience the exciting moments
and milestones.


Mr. Mohanlal Dayal founded the House of Parle in 1928

Our first factory was set up in 1929 with just 12 people making confectionery.


Parle-G and Monaco are born!

We baked our first biscuit in 1939: Parle Gluco

The same year, we also introduced Monaco, India’s first salted cracker.


Leading the way in Technology

We created India's longest oven - 250 feet long!


Say 'Cheese'!

With the launch of Cheeslings in 1956, the nation found a new way to enjoy cheese snacks.


Parle gets a whole lot sweeter!

Our confectionery range expanded with Kismi in 1963 and Poppins in 1966.


Jeffs are launched

For fans of savoury snacks, we created Parle Jeffs


Winning over the world!

We received our first Monde Selection Award in 1971.


A little sweet, a little salty!

In 1972, we introduced the original sweet and salty biscuit, Krackjack.


Parle Gluco rechristened to Parle-G

Parle Gluco became Parle-G, Where G stood for Gluco.


An expanded range of toffees and candies

We launched the chocolately Melody in 1983 and India's first mango candy Mango Bite in 1986.


A little indulgence goes a long way

Hide & Seek, India's most loved moulded chocolate chip biscuits were introduced in 1996.


Parle launched it’s 20-20 Butter Cookies and Magix

With the richness of cashew, the goodness of butter Parle 20-20 became household ‘s favorite cookie


Parle led multiple product innovations and unveiled Parle Platina